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Division of Education



Division of Education

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In an era of crescent globalization, transformative educators are looking for effective ways to meet the academic needs of linguistically and culturally diverse students enrolled in compulsory educational settings. At the Division of Education (DOE), courses and assignments are designed following the idea that the quality of teaching and learning are enhanced when educators, students and parents work together to ensure exemplary practices, student achievement, and active involvement. Faculty and staff are certain that linguistically and culturally responsive education will reinforce a free and democratic society as well as to solidify the way teachers develop their methodology; the mastery students must obtain of their knowledge; and the sage parents must have of education.  


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Betty Wong
West Faculty Building
Office 169
Phone (760) 768-5551
Alt. Phone  (760) 768-5512
Fax (760) 768-5529

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Dr. Richard Neumann
Office No. WF-159
Dr. Richard Neumann Website

Clarissa Teran
Administrative Assistant
Office No. WF-179

Barbara Layaye
PACT Advisor/Student Teaching Coordinator
Office No. WF-175

Dr. Gregorio Ponce
Office No. WF-178
Dr. Gregorio Ponce Website
Betty Wong
Credential Analyst
Office No. WF-169
Patricia Hopkins
Intern Program Coordinator
Office No. WF-180