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Master of Public Administration
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Additional information regarding Internship for the MPA program

    MPA students' records of employment, as provided through discussions with the student, are reviewed by program coordinators at SDSU-IVC, to see if the student has at least:

1. A year of substantive experience in a "real world" situation.

2. Some supervisory experience if possible.

3. Private sector as well as public sector experience is accepted.

4. The Internship is generally waived when the student is working
at a substantial job. We do not expect the student to
quit his/her job in order to meet the internship requirement.
Working at McDonalds or Wal Mart is not considered to be
adequate. An internship would be required in these cases.

5. Students do not choose their own places of internship. Consultation
with the MPA program Director is required.

6. Based on the kind of work that an Intern is doing the MPA Director
will determine the criteria for evaluation.

7. Administratively, if the internship is waived, this is noted on the
student's Official Program of Study.

8. Interns can be given partial credit based upon the amount and
quality of the student's past work experience. (This can be anywhere
from 3 to 6 to 9 to 12 units. Where the rule of thumb is that 200
hours of internship work equals 3 units. Then the student needs to
register for the number of units required.