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Americans and Chinese together Celebrating Spring Festival
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Americans and Chinese together Celebrating Spring Festival
February 2013

On the evening of February 7th, 2013,a celebration of Chinese New Year/Spring Festival was held at the Art Gallery of San Diego State University, Imperial Valley Campus. The venue was beautifully decorated with Chinese couplets, Chinese lanterns, Chinese knots, and a big string of decorative Chinese firecrackers; all these added the room general festivity.

More than fifty people attended the event.  Most of the attendees were community members and students of the Chinese Culture and Language Classes, as well as SDSI-IVC faculty and staff members.

The celebration program consisted of two parts: the first included fun games and performances; the second was potluck and presentations. The games were so interesting that many were actively involved in.  The performance began with Professor Lin’s solo.  Her beautiful singing won her an enthusiastic applause.  The following performances were carried out outside the Art Gallery.  Professor Deng and Alex Lee gracefully demonstrated the art of Tai Chi while Gongfu was played by Alex Lee’s students.  The drum added much drama to the perfect martial art demonstrations.  Needless to say, everyone truly enjoyed all performances as well as the games.

The potluck was another highlight of the celebration.  There was an amazing array of delicious dishes.  It was a great delight to sample all the food, including Italian pizza, Japanese sushi, Chinese dumpling, as well as a tasty American dessert and fruit.  During potluck, Dr. David Pearson, the Dean of SDSU-IV Campus, and Miriam Castañón, the Assistant Director for Partnership Programs, both made their keynote speeches.

The celebration concluded with everyone exchanging their new year’s cards and going home with great joy. It was really an unforgettable party.

Finally, so much gratitude to the following Sponsors:
Confucius Institute Office at SDSU
San Diego State University, Imperial Valley Campus
Calexico Yum Yum Chinese Restaurant
Calexico Martial Art Academy

By Ximin Deng & Jing Lin
Chinese Culture and Language Instructors at SDSU-IV Campus