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July 4, 2014
CALEXICO — Thirty-six educators reverted back to their roles as students during the Renewable Energy Boot Camp, an intensive three-week program. The program came to an end as the educators received their certificates of completion at the San Diego State University-Imperial Valley campus.
July 1, 2014
Four hours before a Friday show in May, the five members of Los Tigres del Norte — the premier band in the accordion-driven musical genre known as norteño — were quietly eating dinner at a hotel restaurant.
June 16, 2014
NRG Energy, Inc. announced that it has launched the NRG Community 1 Solar Generating Facility in California. The 6-megawatt (MW) facility is located at the imperial Valley Campus of San Diego State University.
June 13, 2014
NRG, Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NRG) one of the nation's largest renewable energy developers, today introduced the NRG Community 1 Solar Generating Facility. Through an innovative, community focused program -- among the first of its kind in the United States -- the project was developed by Sol Orchard in collaboration with the Center for Energy Sustainability at San Diego State University's (SDSU) Imperial Valley Campus.